Artificial Intelligence and The Transformation of your Content Marketing-Тhe Elders are here to guide you

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Is your content marketing paling against the competition? Are your results languishing? Even if your marketing content looks vibrant and of high quality to you, are you not getting the feedback you once were from its audience?-Do not worry! We, the Elders, are here to help!

If your content marketing is exhibiting any of these symptoms, they’re clear signs that your content marketing strategy could do with some treatment from the new technology and techniques of AI to bring it back to life.

Some comments before we go further:

  • AI can schedule and indeed predict optimal times for posting content on various platforms.
  • AI can assist in dynamically personalizing content
  • Predictive analytics enables targeting of customer segments with highly relevant content for them.
  • AI can generate fair quality content but it can’t engage like human-written content - yet!  


So you’ve heard of artificial intelligence and read up a little about it but it might not be quite clear how exactly you can use it within your content strategy.

You probably first think about machine-generated content. AI can in fact be turned to mass-produce articles related to anything and with no creative input from us.

Although you can create content more rapidly and cheaper than a team of writers, it’s safe to say that it’s still unwise to create all or even a lot of your content this way, despite the advanced state of the algorithms involved. If you want content that is grammatical and makes sense, then it might do; however, it is never going to engage like man-made content - certainly don’t think of downsizing on copywriters quite yet!

It leaves the question, though, how can you best utilise the capabilities of AI in your content strategy?Here is what we suggest:


Before you can enhance your content marketing strategy, you need to know what you’re going to write about. Research thoroughly. Discover who your customers are, what motivates them, what content types are out-performing the others in your industry and what’s topical. No-one will read your content if don’t.

One way that helps is spotting trends early - and AI is good for this. Modern content marketing tools incorporate AI, so can really help identify search trends, pick out riveting topics, and helping you discern the differences between better/worse or more/less popular content.


Traditionally, we have produced content for a wide audience and spreading it as widely as possible, hoping it finds our intended reader.

Now, with artificial intelligence, there are many more possibilities to personalize your content for your visitor, making it pertinent, catchy and brand-enhancing. It can also help serve it up in the right place at exactly the right time for maximum impact with your target group using data such as demographics, engagement trends, user behavior, time, etc. constantly, dynamically adjusting it.

AI predictive analytics gives the power to move from passive to active content marketing, segmenting customers according to specific criteria and predicting how they are likely to interact with your brand.


You can also optimize the times and content of your posts on social media in real-time with artificial intelligence.
Such small things as the headline you use or the image you choose to lead your content with can make a huge difference to how many people click through, read it, and take action. The old optimization methods like A/B testing were slow and resource-intensive. Instead, AI now allows dynamic content change - dependent on each individual’s particular interactions with automatic gradual optimization over time - way more easily than manually!


It’s a waste of your time and resources posting everything on multiple social media channels in real time, so instead, use the power of automation to create weeks’ or months’ worth of content to post in advance and not forgetting the subsequent possibilities for efficiency and maximizing your ROI!

Use AI to calculate the best times for posting your content for highest engagement. It can keep adjusting these posting times dynamically based on user interaction and other factors, rather than waiting for you to analyze your data from the previous week or month and adjust accordingly.

You can also use AI to help you identify the best platforms to connect with targeted groups and tweak your message for a better engagement rate.


Remember – you’re not just creating content for the sake of it. The idea is to inform and engage with your audience to educate them, make them more aware of your brand, and form a relationship with them to move them through the marketing funnel.

Artificial intelligence can help you to do this, resulting in a better experience for your customers and an improved ROI, higher brand profile, and more sales or conversions for you.
We’re just starting to touch on the capabilities of AI and how it can be used in marketing, and we can only imagine what might be possible in the future. Now is the time to start experimenting with marketing AI and experience what it can do for you!

We are more than happy to help you with that. Don't waist time and get in touch with us today !

By Elders Marketing Team

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