Help Us Help You: Building a Partner Ecosystem for Better Business

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Ecosystem for better business is the key, and we have it!

The common thing to all businesses is that they are run by people. To work with people requires building relationships. And that is just one of the things we are good at! Elders works with a diverse set of clients around the world and every member of our team brings their unique talents to the projects we build together.

The expression “It’s not personal, it’s just business” is just not true and we have to be thankful. When you have a relationship, you can have a partnership and that, for B2B, means companies helping each other in the process of helping themselves. The wish to cooperate comes from having trust, shared aims, a common past and a mutual future.


Mutual B2B Partnerships are Integral to Growth   

A marketing company’s existence consists of making B2B partnerships with companies for the mutual benefit of each company and the complex network of B2B partnerships with service providers that serve and benefit those partnerships.  You might need them, but they also need you.  This is great as these relationships grow whilst you grow.

As your network expands, so does the number and quality of opportunities it presents. You have more avenues for making contacts, more information about those contacts’ clients, more rapid response, and more speed and finesse in your marketing machine than your competition. Beware, though, this doesn’t just work in your favour. Your expansion also gives your partners rewards. They can gain industry knowledge and pointers towards what their other partners are after. You feed their knowledge base as you expand your business and its reach.

As They Help Drive You, You Help Them

As your marketing machine gains momentum, the more your partners fuel you and expand in their own right.  Working with a sleek marketing machine slickens their own efforts, which of course means they make more money. That is, as you make money, they do too.  In the same way that for a partner you couldn’t do more for them than make them into the next IT giant, your partners couldn’t hope for better than that you become the next IT giant.

It may appear that your partner network as a marketing company is all in your favour. However, it is a mistake to assume they are your partner only because you pay them to be.  They have their own expansion plans too.  You may need them, it’s true but your message needs to be “help me help you”.

That is what we strongly believe in and it is what helps us bringing our clients ideas to life!

By Elders Marketing Team

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