Meet The Guru: Asen Popov

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Monday is an excellent day to introduce you Asen Popov!

His strange ability to remember everything and to prioritize information in real-time is of great use in our projects.

Here are some of his abilities to manage and to deliver...

  • Managing IT operations inside the company.
  • Responsible for setting up work environments both in the office and in various cloud providers.
  • Implementing a wide range of DevOps solutions like Infrastructure as Code, Kubernetes, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Network Security, and more.
  • Managing virtual environments in the cloud as well as local VM and Docker instances.
  • Provide DevOps services and consultation for clients in setting up, securing, and managing servers, websites, and development pipelines.

We'll be happy to engage Asen in your next project!

An Elder known for...

Python, Terraform, Consul,
AppVeyor, Docker, Azure DevOps,
PowerShell, Azure Service Bus, Cassandra,
OAuth 2.0, Elastic Stack,
JavaScript, RabbitMQ, Redis,
SQL, AWS, Git,
DDD, Scrum, Event Sourcing,
CQRS, Kanban, DevOps,
Messaging, Project Planning, Scalable Architecture,
Microservices, CI/CD, VM Ware solutions,
Exchange Online, Cisco IOS, Veeam Backup solutions,
CISCO ASA Firewall, Barracuda NextGen Firewall,
Windows Server,
ISO certifications, PCI DSS certifications
By Elders Marketing Team

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