Meet the Guru: Blagovest Petrov

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Dear Audience,

2021st is a good year to start a tradition...
We'll call it "Meet the Guru" because we're all that good.
Speaking about ancient heroes, we must start with Blagovest Petrov

@Blagovest is the "bright creative lighthouse" in our team. He keeps inspiring us to be creative and innovative since 2016.
Although we've been working together long before Elders started, we don't think we'll get tired of each other in the next 10 years of fruitful coding.

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An Elder known for...

.NET Framework, OpenID Connect, Elastic Stack,
.Net Core, OAuth 2.0, Redis,
C#, RabbitMq, Cassandra,
MSIL, Azure Service Bus, Git,
ASP.NET, AWS, Protobuf-net,
SQL, NServiceBus,
WPF/WCF, SignalR, Consul,
MSMQ, Entity Framework, Azure DevOps,
WinForms, Terraform, Cronus,
AppVeyor, Docker, Pandora,
DDD, Scrum, Event Sourcing,
CQRS, Kanban, Design Patterns,
Messaging, Project Planning, Scalable Architecture,
Microservices, CI/CD, Full Text Search,
Architecture, Scrum, DevOps
By Elders Marketing Team

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