Meet The Guru: Nikolai Mynkow

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Nikolai Mynkow enjoys the challenge of setting and achieving high goals through a hands-off, leadership approach, trust in one's colleagues, open communication, quality control, and division of work by interests and ability. He believes himself to be a team player.

@Nikolai Mynkow likes to be on top of things, even if he is not in the field of expertise. He set aside time each week to reflect on progress and plan new goals.

Nikolai Mynkow has the ability to gather relevant information and identify key issues from a base of information; relating and comparing data from different sources; identifying cause-effect relationships, drawing conclusions.

An Elder known for...

".NET Framework, OpenID Connect, Elastic Stack,
.Net Core, OAuth 2.0, Redis,
C#, RabbitMq, Cassandra,
MSIL, Azure Service Bus, Git,
ASP.NET, AWS, Protobuf-net,
SQL, NServiceBus,
WPF/WCF, SignalR, Consul,
MSMQ, Entity Framework, Azure DevOps,
WinForms, Terraform, Cronus,
AppVeyor, Docker, Pandora,
DDD, Scrum, Event Sourcing,
CQRS, Kanban, Design Patterns,
Messaging, Project Planning, Scalable Architecture,
Microservices, CI/CD, Full-Text Search,
Architecture, Scrum, DevOps"
By Elders Marketing Team

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