Meet The Guru: Nikolay Dimitrov

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Hello October! A new month should start with a new introduction!


Meet Nikolay Dimitrov who brings iOS apps to the next level.


Nikolay is an incredibly creative and technical-minded individual who thrives on building amazing apps for the Apple ecosystem. He is deeply involved throughout the mobile app development process, from design and coding to testing and publishing. He has his fingers on the pulse of what people look for in a mobile app and how these apps can be made to appeal to the largest possible audience.


His responsibilities include advising the client on iOS-specific quirks, understanding requirements, implementing new features, and supporting existing apps.


He continuously explores and evaluates new technologies to optimize the development process. This includes reviewing new libraries, frameworks, and coding practices.


Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, SwiftUI, MapKit, CoreLocation, Core Data, Core Animation,
Objective-C Runtime, Grand Central Dispatch, Combine, Security, Cocoa Touch,
Auto Layout, GitLab, Firebase, Jira, Git, Bitrise, CocoaPods, Swift Package Manager

Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Architecture, Design Patterns,
CI/CD, Project Planning, TDD
By Elders Marketing Team

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